A1a, 2nd Edewor Estate, Enerhen

Leading Oil & Gas Company

Headquartered in Delta State & with an enviable plant yard, GID-EYAS GLOBAL MARINE AND LOGISTICS NIGERIA LIMITED is a 100% indigenous company registered in 2013 to carry out various Oil & Gas services which include; Engineering, Procurement/Supplies of all Mechanical Spares and Rotating Equipments. We also combine, Marine Transportation and Logistics Support.

We have established an enviable reputation for consistently delivering high quality services – on time and on budget. At GID-EYAS GLOBAL MARINE AND LOGISTICS NIG. LTD., we have worked closely with the Nigerian oil & gas sector to achieve monumental goals in the areas of these services. We are specially committed to the efficient utilization of modern technology and our highly skilled professionals for speedy delivery of top quality jobs, economically and in good time, aimed at providing satisfaction to our clients.

Trusted Services

GID-EYAS GLOBAL MARINE AND LOGISTICS NIG. LTD. services are geared towards providing Engineering, Procurement, Operations and Maintenance Solutions. Our area of specialty consists of: Sub- Assembly, Rebuild and Over haul of Engines; Caterpillar and Waukesha Spares, Rotating Equipment- Sulzer, Export Pumps, EMSCO Pumps and Compressors. The core of our business is the procurement and delivery of these products and services. We are well equipped to handle the smallest to the largest jobs; the company’s divisional structure allows it to tackle a variety of projects, and GIDEYAS staunch determination to deliver innovative, high quality, efficient and cost effective solutions allows GID-EYAS GLOBAL MARINE AND LOGISTICS NIGERIA LIMITED to meet the demands of its clients.

What sets us apart is the direct employment of our workforce and our passion for achieving the best solutions for our clients. We focus on analyzing and fully understanding client’s needs, and then working with them to fulfill their objectives. This is part of our belief that the way we do things is just as important as what we do.

Our core values of honesty, trust, ethics and clear communication are evident in the way we work with both our clients and sub-contractors. All of our directors are ‘hands-on’ and ensure decisions and actions occur swiftly and concisely, for the benefit of our clients. We are conscientious, respectful and sensitive of the values of others, and this approach has allowed us to achieve and sustain growth in the Nigerian Oil & Gas sector, even during turbulent times.

Our Vision

To be the best and most innovative solution provider in Sub-Sahara Africa Oil and Gas.

Our Mission

Providing effective services to our clients at an affordable cost while upholding the highest standards of professional conduct and integrity.

15+ Years Experience

We have extensive experience in the development and operation of projects regarding productivity.

Certified Company

We are a leading certified company in Nigeria, for several years we have been providing specialized services.

#1 Supplier in Region

We are fully dedicated to providing our clients best supply of products and services to oil and gas sector

Best in the Market

With our vertically integrated operations, our company is in direct contact with the energy end market.